230V-110V, 500W Medical use Transformer
High quality transformer built for 110V medical equipments to run on 230V power supply
This product was made specifically for use with medical equipment imported from USA/Canada(110V Electrical standard) during Covid Emergency situation. The device has a High Quality Copper wire based transformer that can convert up to 500 Watts from 230V to 110V. It has an output universal power socket, that can be used readily with most imported equipment.

Front view of the medical transformer
Medical transformer with input 230V supply
and output 110V socket
Philips Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM
operating with the transformer
Medical transformer with Respironics
Millennium M10 Home Oxygen System

Specifications of Medical Transformer

This Transformer for Medical usage is suitable for Indoor installation (ambient 50deg C) Copper shield between Prim & Secondary for Isolation. Fibre glass coated strips (electrolytic grade copper) Varnish Impregnated. The transformer is built for countinuos usage.

Product specifications of the Transformer