Low Cost Ventilator - Technology Demonstrator
Prototype was built, showcased during the Covid lockdown in May 2020

An innovative device to feed babies in NICU

This product is not commercialized, but developed as a Technology Demonstrator during Covid 19 lockdown.

Low Cost Ambu bag based Ventilator for treatement in Early stages. This prototype also incorporated a Patented Technology by Dr. Srinivasa Murthy (JSS-AHER) called SIMPAPP which would maintain minimal PEEP even during exhalation by patient, and was better than other low cost ventilators made by reputed brands.
Low Cost Ventilator: Working Technology Demonstrator
Boot screen of the Ventilator.
Varible Stroke frequency per minute. Duration of strokes can be fine tuned too.
Picture showing internal mechanism of the Ventilator