Engineered UV-C Reflector
Chemical free Sanitize our daily need items like remote, keyboard etc.

Ultra Violet of Band-C (UV-C) is proven to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. Germicidal Ultra-violet technology is proven in over 100 years.
Hospitals have been using Germicidal Ultra-violet technology for over decades to disinfect super bugs and clean the ward from all infections. Studies have shown that UV-C can effectively kill SAR/Covid-19 viruses effectively on surfaces if the surfaces are exposed to a recommended duration.

These products are developed for use by trained medical/healthcare professionals who are aware of how to use UV-C Lights while maintaining personnel safety.

There reflectors comes in two size:
  • 12 Inch UV-Tube reflector
  • 8 Inch UV-Tube reflector
These UV Reflectors comes with a built-in swivel clamp which has a position holding friction lock, and can be used to focus and hold the reflector pointing to any direction.
The reflectors have metal handle with features designed for mounting the reflectors to a wall or a roof or a stand. Swivel capability ensures focus on the area or items to be sanitized.
The reflector is housed in an aesthetically appealing plastic molded shell, that is available in two colors. The power cord and electrical accessories inside are all ISI certified parts.

Optional Accessories

  • We provide a CG (Center of Gravity) stable stand to mount these UV reflectors, so they can be conveniently placed around the area to be sanitized.
  • Timer Switch (Timer control device) to control Ultra-violet reflector without human exposer to UV ;llight

UV Reflector mounted in CG stable Stand

UV Reflector mounted in CG stable Stand

UV Timer controler

Power controler Switch