UV Reflector with box              
Sanitize our daily use items like spectacles, key chain, mobile etc.
Ultra Violet of Band-C (UV-C) is proven to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. Germicidal Ultra-violet technology is proven in over 100 years.Studies have shown that UV-C can effectively kill SAR/Covid-19 viruses effectively on surfaces if the surfaces are exposed to a recommended duration.

This UV Sanitizer box is a light weight (Reflector about 450 Gms), easy to use device for Opthalmologists/Spectacles shops for sanitizing spectacles tried on by customers in post Covid lock down times. The powerful UV-C light sterlizes any item kept in the box in 40 seconds, kills viruses, bacteria if any, so the items kept inside become safe for use by others.

These products are developed for use by trained medical/healthcare professionals who are aware of how to use UV-C Lights while maintaining personnel safety.

Innovative ways of using UV Sanitizer box

The product is being used innovatively in JSS Hospital NICU, in Mysuru, Karnataka. Several mothers infected with Covid admit their neonates/infants for treatment too. To ensure milk containers are not contaminated with any infection elements, they keep milk containers in the box and cover it with the UC-C reflector and make sure it is sterilized.

Sanitizing milk containers in NICU

Recommended Use of UV Sanitizer Box

This product is designed for use by Opthalmologists/Spectacle shops to sterlize spectacle frames after being tried on by every customer so they can provide a sterlized frame to the next customer for trying on.

Using to sanitize spectacles by Opthalmologists

Sanitizing daily carried out items at home

Front view

When powered on the indicator window on the side glows

Indication window glowing blue when switched on