USB to UART with both 5V, 3.3V Level Shifted Ports
CP2102 Classic USB Bridges
This is a simple to use USB to UART(Serial TTL) Converter based on the CP2102 converter IC from Silicon Laboratories. This converter is highly reliable and can be used on all major operating systems, embedded applications, computers and laptops.

When connected to a USB port this converter sets up a virtual serial port which can be used and interfaced just like any normal serial port. You can use this board with all the development boards to do serial communication through USB. You can also program the development boards, which support serial bootloading, through USB using this converter. Since it shows up a virtual serial port on a computer, you can easily write softwares in most programming languages to control external hardware devices - robots, development boards, microcontrollers, etc from computers.

This converter is USB powered and needs no external power. It can provide the USB port's 5V power supply to an external circuit. This board has an onboard 3V3 regulator, so both 5V, 3.3V voltage levels serial communication can be established.

This USB to Serial converter uses the popular CP2102 IC from Silicon Labs for the USB conversion. This board can be used on all major operating systems. You can find the drivers and installation instruction for this converter on Silicon Labs website.