Stainless Steel Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Well Engineered Adequate Sanitizer Dispense with sleek design
This is a high quality aesthetically designed Stainless Steel Sanitizer Dispenser stand. This was one of the first Covid-19 products launched by us. This stand helps to dispense sanitizer liquid with zero hand contact. This stand can fit any sized/shaped bottle with adjustable height bottle holder and high quality velcro to strap on to the bottle. This stand, unlike other ordinary stands can be adjusted to control the exact amount of liquid dispensed by adjusting the height of the bottle stand.

The occupency area for stand is very less compared to other products in market. You can place it in a corner at the entrance. it can accomodate Sanitizer liquid bottles from 0.5 ltr to 2 ltr.

SS sanitizer dispenser at customer place

Mirror finished stand

Warli art describing Covid-19 protocols

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