MS502-W3A - Rugged Miniature Movement Sensor Switch
Save Energy, Save the planet. Let this device switch off your lights, fans, Air conditioners and other appliances in a room when not in use.
MS-502 Special Edition Miniature Movement Sensor Switch The MS-502 Series Special edition Miniature Movement Sensor Switch is designed for adaption and use in every place possible and designed to be a low cost product to handle small loads. The product miniaturization is a result of our learnings from earlier products.

This product is designed for use in Domestic, Commercial applications where aesthetics along with relaibility is important. Typically these can be used in homes, offices, shopping malls, showrooms and virtually anywhere where we can find an application.

Along with this unit, we have also made some useful accessories that can help deploy this sensor better and easier. Scroll down furthe to view the accessories.

Product Specification

Parameter Value
Sensor Range: MS502-W3A
Operating Voltage 110-270V AC, 50-60Hz
Wide Voltage range
Load Capacity: 400 Watts Maximum
Unit Dimensions: 80 X 68 X 32 mm
Off Timer Options: 2 Minutes for areas with high activity
6 Minutes for areas with low activitiy
Power Consumption: Standby mode: 50-100 milli-Watts
Active mode: 200-250 milli-Watts
Utility Features: BYPASS SWITCH: Bypasses Sensor and restores original wiring at the flick of a button!
Safety Features: 1) 6A Glass Fuse (user-replaceable) present to prevent short-circuit/overloading
2) Higher rating connectors and contacts for safety and reliability.
3) Safety rubber cap to cover connectors for both safety and aesthetics.
4) Novel Shock proof and Screw-less connectors
5) Complete electrical isolation between Sensing and switching circuit
6) Bypass switch for utility/emergency use.

Powder Coated 2-Axis swivel bracket for mounting MS-502 Series products

This powder coated (White colored) bracket has been specifically made for use withe MS502 Special Edition Movement Sensors and Hawkeye Mini (White colored) products in places where aesthetics are very important.

This Optional Accessory 2-Axis Swivel Bracket (MSBR-501) is designed to mount MS502 Series. Using this bracket, an MS-502 series product can be mounted on ceiling or wall. The bracket allows 2-axis swivel of the installed product, which can be used to fine tune/adjust sensing zone as required conveniently.