MMAP-04 Multi-Mode Air Purifiers for combating Covid-19
Designed to clean air in 3 modes, UV, Ionization and HEPA Filter
These air purifiers were designed and built during Covid lock down of May 2020 and originally intended to be operated in a Covid ward/Covid ICU. They can reduce chances of secondary infection from Covid patients drastically by upto 90% to other patients or front line covid healthcare professionals!.The 3 modes of treatment (UV-C, Ionization, HEPA Filter) is done at an elevated temperature in the chambers inside the Air Purifier.

Multiple Modes of Effective Air Sanitization with UV, Ionization and HEPA Filter

Effective area of coverage of MMAP-04 multi-mode air sanitizer (10X10 feet in 1 hour)

Multi-Mode Air Sanitizers in Detail

Our purifiers are unique among all the comparable products available in the market. They use 3 Modes of Air purification, and designed to kill Airborne viruses, bacteria and reduce the risk of infection in High Risk Areas like Hospitals, ICU Wards etc!. The Multi-Mode sanitizer draws in air from its surroundings and treats it inside using three methods.
Process of air purification with 3 effective modes explained
Clean Air outlet grill of multimode air purifier with
modular replaceable HEPA filter
Air Inlet section of multimode air purifier with
UV-C shield to prevent UV light from coming out

Technology Proven With Rigorous Testing In Virology Lab

This product has been tested in a professional virology lab by nebulising live viruses into air in a closed chamber. It was found that the Air Purifier cleaned up the target area from airborne viruses and bacteria in 20-40 minutes completely!

The product was developed at the peak of Covid lockdown in May 2020 targetting Covid Wards to prevent secondary infection to front line healthcare workers, as this product can neutralize airborne viruses and microbes. A live virus based testing was conducted to validate the design of the Multi-Mode Air Purifier at a Virology lab of JSS Pharma College in Udhagamandalam (Ooty). The tests involved nebulisation of active (live) virus in a Bio safety chamber which contained a functional Multi-Mode Air Purifier. The Air Purifier has performed very well in eliminating the high virus load applied in reasonable time frame.
Biosafety chamber built for conducting Live
Virus test using Multi Mode Air Purifier
Biosafety chamber with multimode air purifier
during tests conducted in virology lab
Dulbecco’s modification of Eagle medium (DMEM)
to observe cell culture in the virology lab
Virology Lab test report(1) proving effectiveness
of Multi Mode Air Purifiers
Virology Lab test report(2) proving effectiveness
of Multi Mode Air Purifiers

Mounting Options

Two types of mounting options available to mount the air purifiers. Pedestal stands are designed for optimum nose level height so it keeps breathing areas clean. Also wall mounting stands are available for this product and are sold separately.

Pedestal stand for MMAP-04 designed
to keep breathing area clean

Wall Mounting stand for MMAP-04