Portable, Quick Deployable, Isolation Cubicle for Covid-19
Convert any ordinary hospital bed into a State of the Isolation facility in 3 minutes!
Portable, Quick deployable Isolation Cubicle Solution (for Covid-19 fight) can convert any ordinary hospital bed in a ward into an Isolation Facility. The Unit comes with an integrated Multi-Mode Air purifier, which kills airborne viruses within the cubicle and ensures secondary infection from covid patients is not passed on.

This light weight unit can be folded and stored in a warehouse when not in use, and can be deployed in under five minutes by 2-3 people.

Doctors, Nurses inspecting Deployed cubicle.

Clear Polycarbonate walls for visibility & comfort
Patient access ports and catheter ports.

Adequate space for 4 people next to king sized bed.

Deploy anywhere around a bed, turn into Isolation facility

In-built Air handling/Air Management

The unit has a Filtered Air Suction unit, to get clean air into the cubicle.

The exhaled air of patient is let out after sterlizing it thoroughly using a Multi-Mode Air Purifier that is built into the Isolation Cubicle.

Multi-Mode Air Purifier
cleans patient exhaled air

Multi-Mode Air Purifier
product integrated into the cubicle.

Inlet suction provides fresh
air to patient inside

Novel Application: Respiratory Isolation for Covid Positive Neonates

(Neonates: Just born or Premature born babies).

The First of this kind Isolation facility has been setup in JSS Hospital NICU, in Mysuru, Karnataka.

Several Covid positive mothers give birth to babies who are also Covid positive. These babies are admitted to NICU (Neo-natal ICU). In order to treat them in Isolation, without spreading infection or affecting other babies inside a Neonatal ICU, JSS Hospital NICU has installed our Isolation Cubicle.

The USP of this product is that it can be dismantled and reassembled in the needed place. Within 3 minutes unit was setup inside the huge Neonatal ICU ward in JSS Hospital, Mysuru to give complete isolation facility for infected babies! Instead of setting up a separate Isolation Facility, this can be installed in existing NICU Facility itself as it is self contained and exhaust air is treated as well!

Isolation Cubicle eliminates the need to setup a fresh Isolation facility!

Isolation Cubicle setup inside NICU

Isolation Cubicle being used for
Neonates infected with Covid-19

Isolation Cubicle provides complete isolation within NICU
Instead of building a separate facility, cubicle can be quickly deployed

Ease of Transportation

The units can be folded into two thin transportable sections within a few minutes. A typical Mini-truck (like Tata Ace) can carry around 5-6 such Isolation Cubicles in one go. A specially designed plastic based reusable packaging for this Isolation cubicle for frequent movements is sold separately.

Unit can be dismantled
and folded into 2 pieces

Typical Mini-truck can carry
upto six such units