Portable, Quick Deployable, Isolation Cubicle for Covid-19
For proactive Pandemic/Disaster management, deploy this Plug-n-Play ICU in minutes on site and setup a state of the art Isolation ICU
For Proactive pandemic management, disaster management, military situations, take Field Portable Isolation ICU to the site, and setup State of the Art multi bed Intensive care units in minutes in the remotest locations, rapidly! Stabilize patients near to site, then transport them to hospitals

Sneak peek: Production Version.

The production version is under development and will be available for sale soon. Some Sneak peak of the pictures below and its Salient Features. This product has been wholeheartedly supported by Doctors and Reseachers of JSS-AHER, Mysuru.
Clear transparent walls and doors ensure patient feels
comfortable inside
The sleek design production version of the
Fully equipped Plug-n-Play Isolation ICU
Engineered Patient Head/leg end elavation system.
Trapezoidal Lift mechanism for Leg end for comfort.
Clear transparent walls and doors ensure patient feels
comfortable inside
Back Side, comes with a retractable documentation tray
with in built document store.
Adequate in-built Modular storage systems for storing medical
supplies, consumables and medicines in an orderly way

Salient Features

Product USP

  • 10 - 12 minutes time to deploy - insitu!
  • State of the art, Field Deployable, Portable Plug-n-Play Isolation ICU
  • Patient Exhaled air is sanitized using Multi-Mode Air Purifier
    • Multi-Mode Air Purifier uses UV-C, Ionization, HEPA Filter to sterlize air
    • Already made into a Covid fighting product ,
    • Proven in a virology lab! (Test Report/product info under backup slides section)
  • Inbound air is filtered with HEPA filter
  • Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor part of the unit
  • Critical medication infusion system - Infusion, syringe pumps part of unit.
  • Isolation via gasket sealed enclosed cabinet

In-built utilities for convenience

  • Patient examination/inspection Light
  • Nurse/Attendant Call Alarm button inside
  • Medical Timer at head end for doctors
  • Cabin Temperature, Humidity Display
  • Adequate and appropriate ports and fixtures for installing and running mechanical ventilator
  • Separate Biomedical waste collecting system
  • Ergonomical design with transparent walls to prevent claustrophobia
  • Retractable Drip holder stand


This product is produdly made in Mysuru, India!

Carefully crafted considering all Intensive care needs!

  • In-Built Oxygen Cylinder Bay in under carriage
    • Oxygen Source and suction system
    • Option to use Alternate oxygen sources (Oxygen Concentrators etc)
  • Sealed Rubber guarded patient access port with in-built Examination gloves.
    • Gasket Sealed Doors to contain infections
    • Physical and respiratory barrier to prevent spread of infection in both directions (inside/outside)
  • Ports for Catheters, tubes etc which are designed to not entangle and self sealing
  • Special head end door - to access head end of the patient for any required medical procedure.
    • Pneumatic Piston actuated to hold position
  • In-Built temperature and humidity control
  • Patient Restraining systems for coma patients
  • Tiltable 4 Section Patient Bed system
    • Head-end tilt mechanism
    • Leg-end trapezoidal lift mechanism
  • Modular Customizable Under-carriage and Accessory modules
    • Designed For future variants
  • In-built Ventilator Tray
    • Ventilator not included in package

Cabinets and storage systems

  • Patient medications
  • Disposable medical supplies

Retractable Documentation Desk

  • Documentation assist system with storage place for medical documents.

Pictures of First Prototype built in May 2020

This first prototype was built as a joint effort by Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Pvt Ltd and JSS-AHER (JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, A Deemed University) with the blessings of His Holinesss Jagadguru Shri Shivaratri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji and showcased to Doctors, Intensive care specialists and Public on 08-May-2020.
The first Isolation ICU prototype developed in May 2020
Fully equipped like a normal ICU
Head end Access Door with piston to hold it up
till doctors complete head end operations
Side patient insertion doors, mounted with sealed
patient access ports with rubber gloves and gasket sealed doors

Comes with in built documentation table along
with document store.

Who will use this product?

This product will be used by:
  • Covid Patients under Home Isolation (mild to severe)
  • Elderly patients for Home Intensive Care
  • Bed ridden patients for Home Intensive Care
  • Covid Patients in Hospitals
  • Other Places of Use:
    • Patients at any Diasaster site
    • Military personnel near to battle zone

In-built Air handling/Air Management

The Portable Plug-n-Play will sport its own in-built Air Conditioning and Air Management system. The key among this system will be an in-built Multi-Mode Air Purifier that is built into this ICU to clean exhaled air of patient and then let it out. This makes sure that both sides the infection travel is contained (inside to outside/outside to inside).

Multi-Mode Air Purifier
product integrated into the cubicle.