Hawkeye Mini - Intrusion Detection System
Miniature Intrusion detection system that can swith on a light and ring a bell on detection of intruders, Can also be rigged to work with a CCTV camera that triggers only when there is some activity nearby
The Hawkeye Mini is a product based on PIR Sensor, detects presence / non-presence of people or living beings in a room or an area. On detection of any human or animal activity, it can switch on a light, trigger an alarm or even a siren as required for your security needs.

This product has been specifically designed for use in domestic scenarios and compound security and other utility applications and guaranteed to work under Indian conditions.

Sensing range of HAWKEYE Mini in feet.

HAWKEYE Applications

Security inside your compound to detect and deter intruders
Security for your car parked under the porch
Security for your roof top terrace to detect intruders
Utility at your office reception area/store fronts
to ring a bell on someone entering