Ergonomic Graphical Software (GUI) for Remotely driven EVs
State of the Art Control & Communication software for controlling a Remotely Driven Electric Vehicle!
Main Drive Console - All controls similar to a regular automobile
Joystick Screen for Calibration and Verification
The software stack consisting of:
  • Windows based Graphical Driver Console on Laptop
  • Communication Stack on board vehicle
  • EV Drive logic Control stack on board vehicle
was developed as part of a Remotely driven electric vehicle Technology Demonstrator. The ergonmic graphical software had a look and feel of a typical automobile console and similar buttons with additional EV specific features like Pan-Tilt control etc.

The vehicle had implemented our "Drive by Wire" technology with safety features built in where the vehicle would stop and hit brakes and switch on blinkers on connectivity loss.
Headlights/Turn Indicator and Blinker controls
similar to that of a regular automobile.
Custom GUI Speedometer developed that could
display speed in both kmph/mph
Pan-Tilt camera control with Pan and Tilt
position indicator, along with Reset
Manual Brakes control. Vehicle also had
software to apply disc brakes when stopped
or in the event of a connectiond drop!
Speed Control similar to gear in a shift stick
Connectivity management!
Further details on this project of vehicle cannot be shared on website due to agreement/NDA with our customer. Software is copyright and intellectual property of our R&D lab Ideas Unlimited, ಮೈಸೂರು