Electro Luminescent Panel (EL Panel) for Military Helicopters and Fighter Jets
Electro Luminescent Panels designed originally for for HAL Helicopters, these are used extensively for panel lighting of control panel/consoles inside Military Aircrafts, Fighter Jets etc.
Electroluminescent panels provides uniform and mild illumination for the pilot/user and does not affect his night vision in the process. An on board EL Panel dimmer unit can even control the illumination levels of these EL Panels. The system works on a 115V, 400Hz or higher frequency supply to illuminate the panel.The dim halo of the illumination ensures optimal view of the complex control panels, while not affecting the night vision of the military helicopter/aircraft pilots.
A small Illuminated Electroluminescent Panel prototype
Same Panel under ambient sunlight or other light conditions
Just before the final sealing of the EL Panel unit
These EL Panels were developed and made for an Indian Military Helicopter as a prototype and test flown as well on board the aircraft.