DentiSafe XRAY - UV-C based Dental XRay/CT Sanitizer
Chemical free, Quick Dental Chair/Equipment Sanitization Solution
DentiSafe XRay is used in Dental Colleges/Hospitals with high number of patients getting Dental X-Ray/Dental CT done every day. DentiSafe XRay helps in quickly sterlizing the Dental XRay/CT machines within 2 minutes after every patient.

Specifications of DentiSafe 360

  • Powerful UV-C Radiation with engineered Reflectors
  • Quick Sterlization of Xray/CT machine, instruments after each patient
  • Safety of Dentists, Patients, Clinics ensured
  • Safety Timer to ensure users not exposed to UV-C
  • Swivel Reflectors with friction lock
  • Robust Design, Rugged finish, Low maintenance
It can also be used for variety of doffing, table top instruments sanitization and room sanitization as well.

DentiSafe-Xray with UV lights turned ON
DentiSafe-Xray folded and stored away when not in use

Typical usage in Hospital and Diagnostic centre

DentiSafe XRAY being used to sterlize a Dental CT-machine
DentiSafe XRAY being used to sterlize a Dental CT-machine

In-built Timer for Safe operation of device

UV Timer using a combination of Alert sounds and safety indicators on top, help the end users use UV Lights safely without exposing themselves of their staff to UV-C Radiation and only irradiating the packages/material/ tools/ medical and dental equipment that is needed to be sanitized.

The Timer switch comes with 7 preset treatment/dosage times, which can be selected by user. Once the Timer is started, the timer provides a 40 seconds “Go Away” time with a series of accelerating beeps. At the end of 40 seconds, the timer switches on the UV lights. After completion of the exposure time set, the timer switches off automatically!

The Timer is rugged and can be left switched on always and consumes very little power. It turns on UV Lights only after giving adequate alert warning to its users and people around.

Timer comes with 6 timing options

  • 1 minute
  • 2 minute
  • 5 minute
  • 10 minute
  • 30 minute
  • 60 minute
Using the two switches on the side, upper and bottom reflectors can be controlled independently.
Timer mounted to DentiSafe Xray
Side view showing switches to control
upper/lower reflectors