Railways Carriage Fan BLDC Motor Driver
Hall Sensor based BLDC Motor driver for the 110V, 32 Watts Indian Railways Specification Carriage Fans developed, manufactured and supplied by us to BLDC Fan makers
Brushless DC Motor driver is designed and prototyped a low-cost, high reliability driver for an industrial motor. The driver PCB has met some of the stringent specifications for end users and verified during our DVTs (Design Validation Testing). This product has gone through the full product life cycle development at our setup right from prototype to actual product including product sustenance support.
Assembly drawing showing the assembly of the
BLDC driver card behind the Railway Carriage fan motor
Quality control with a motor/fan before delivery to customer
Functional and Reliability Test Jig and Setup in our Lab
and Manufacturing Facility
Board Reliability testing and analysis
Production of BLDC board
Early Prototype PCB