1.27mm (50 mils), 2mm (79 mils) and 2.54 mm (100 mils) pitch header breakout with berg sticks
This Berg Stick Breakout Board acts as an adapter mostly useful for interfacing electronic modules which contains non standard connectors. The breakout board contains headers with different pitch sizes like 2.54mm, 2mm, 1.27mm.

This header breakout board comes can be used by developers, electronics hobyists for easy prototyping, debug purpose.


Example for using Header Breakout Board
Here, a 3.3V camera module with 2mm pitch output connector is interfaced with 2.54mm pitch header in the breakout board which makes it easy for the developers to handle during developing phase or can be used during prototype development, testing etc.,
Top view of the Board
Bottom view of the Board
Bergsticks of pitch size 2.54mm, 2mm, 1.27mm