Repair/Service of Beam Telepresence Robots
Well equipped lab/service center for state of the art products maintenance
Beam Telepresence Robots (Left: Beam+, Right: Beam Pro)
For the last 5 years, we are the authorized service center for Beam Telepresence Robots manufactured by Suitable Technologies Inc, USA. supplied across Indian geography. Beam+ and Beam Pro models have been extensively serviced in our factory.

Beam Plus Robots serviced in our factory.

Mega Beam

Once we had recived a 17 feet tall Mega Beam robot (replica of Beam Plus robot for marketing/demo use) for service at our factory.

Large Fork lift removing the Mega Beam boxes from truck
The heavy chassis of the Mega Beam robot.
Chassis of Megabeam Robot
Part of the Main mast on which display stands
Head part with Display
This was a one of its kind replica of Beam+ robot built for Marketing and Demo purposes. The robot weighs a few quintals and is 17 feet tall. It can be driven using the same Beam Console software like any other smaller beam robots.