AIP-02: Dual Anion generators with Convection fan Air Purifier
Commercial Ionic Air Purifiers
The model AIP-02 is designed to be a commercial use Air Purifier for use in Office cubicles, Clinics, Store fronts, Salons, Reception desks etc to sanitize the air. This product was develeoped during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in May 2020 for use during the pandemic situation.

Model AIP-02 consists of air suction unit inside along with dual Air Ionizer modules which makes it faster than AIP-01 unit to clean the surrounding area over a less period of time compared to AIP-01. It can cover an area of 8 ft X 8 ft (and upto 10 ft x 10ft), provides a layer of protection from secondary infections to the people in the room.

Commercial Ionic Air Purifiers (AIP-02) with
dual ion generators and convection fan

Commercial Ionic Air Purifiers (AIP-02) with
dual ion generators and convection fan working

Effective area of coverage of AIP-02

How does it work?

How do air ionizers work?
It is a powerful dual air ionizer device, which generates thousands of negative ions (negative charged air molecules) inside the box. The negatively charged ions (air molecules) are then repelled by the negative electrode, which starts a very mild convection flow of air around it. It also consists of air suction unit inside to match the speed of the convection. The negative ions have a tendency to attach to floating particulate matter, bacteria and viruses, and due to their charge, have a tendency to attach to along with the matter, bacteria to surfaces like floor. During this process it is making the room around us cleaner and less prone to infection.

Testing and Verification!

Test Report using AIP-02
Reduction in particulte matter count after switching on AIP-02 over a period of time. The model AIP-02 used contains dual ion generators along with convection fan to speed up the cleaning of the air.

Technical Details!

This product is low power consuming of about 3-4 Watts and can be kept running all the time 24 X 7 and 365 days!

Where can be Used?

AIP-02 can be used in places like Office Cubicles, Store Fronts, Reception Desks, Clinics and any other areas of size 8 ft X 8 ft.